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Learning English can be so expensive, between the course itself, books, and other additional materials costs really start to add up. For many people there’s not only the consideration of direct costs, but indirect costs such as time spent away from work, home, or other recreational activities. So how does a person find cheap English courses without sacrificing quality for price?

First and foremost, in the land of a thousand Google search results it is important to find an established, trustworthy company. Steer away from companies that are too small, just starting up, or are still building their reputation. Larger companies and tour operators generally have more experience, personnel, and abilities to deal with any situation that may arise during the course. Especially when looking to enrol in a cheap English course abroad, go with a company that has an esteemed reputation and has been leading tours abroad for a considerable amount of time. International Projects is a tour operator specializing in affordable language development with over 20 years of experience.

Second, look for courses that have a book available for purchase. Not only will this provide some tangible exercises after the course, but books will often have level appropriate dictionaries and other useful learning materials. This will also help weed out the less professional companies who are still building up their teaching staff and are forced to rely on outdated material.

Finally, look for courses that are taught by native –speaking instructors. Although there are many qualified English teachers who are not native speakers, native speakers have that extra “edge” and feel for the English language that is hard to match. Plus, students will have the added bonus of learning appropriate slang or real updates on how it really is in the “English speaking world”.

Don’t let high language prices ruin that motivation, broaden the search, and find some of the quality 

cheap English courses available.


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